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All-in-one Solution

With iPayHexo, you can accept major payment types favoured by Chinese customers such as WeChat Pay, Baidu Wallet and Visa, MasterCard, in just seconds.


Lowest Pricing Fees

No setup fee, no management fee, and probably the lowest processing rate (T&C applies). Best rate for your desired settlement currency.*


Advanced Security

We keep your business and customers safer. With automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and our protection policies, we’ve got you covered.


Real-time reporting

Get the transaction insights you need anytime you want and anywhere you want. Refund can be done via backend system as well.

Merchant Solutions

One system, one service provider and one contract to manage all QR Code payments.

For in-store cashless payment processing at every point of sale, we offer a wide range of latest generation industry-specific solutions: FREE mobile application, standalone POS machine and integration with your existing POS machines. For online stores we support credit cards and mobile wallets in one integration And give your customers the best experience with a tailored checkout that dynamically lists the best options based on the customer’s known preferences, location, risk profile and more.



Sign up for new merchant id account.

Digital Banking Solutions

iPayHexo is powering financial institutions to accept a full suite of alternative payments in emerging markets like Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America.

Engage the fans of your brands with more possibility with QR code in Payment, Loyalty, and Interoperability. Enabling your brands to the new experience with QR code solution makes payment no more tech-savvy, bring convenience to your fingertips and engage them in more loyalty interactions. Connect with the existing QR code payment network with no worry of different standards, and let your QR code and other QR code talk to each other.


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